Miscellaneous Information & Forms

Miscellaneous Information & Forms

Access hard copies of rental applications, cosigner forms, utility information, etc.

Moving Out

Moving is an exhausting process, from finding a new place to live to hiring reputable movers to boxing your belongings and unpacking. So it’s easy to understand why many renters tend to overlook important details before they they move out.


Please fill out the Intent to Vacate form online by Clicking Here or print out a paper form by Clicking Here


What are your obligations as a tenant? Do you have to leave it as spotless as it was when you moved in? (That question assumes that your unit was adequately cleaned, of course.) The answer is yes.

Err on the side of “too clean” in order to prevent your deposit from being reduced. Click Here for the Check Out Procedures


All tenants of PPM Realty are required to have the carpets professionally cleaned by the truck mounted steam extraction method. We have partnered up with Kemper Carpet Care to get you the best rate and make the cleaning of the carpets go as easy as possible. Kemper’s number is 412-835-2202


Generally, you don’t have to repaint your walls unless you changed the paint color while you lived in your apartment or there is excessive damage due to smoking or excessive holes.

If you’ve caused damage to your apartment during the time you’ve lived there, you’re going to face either a considerable deduction from your deposit, or you may not receive any of your deposit back. If the PPM decides the cost of the damage exceeds the amount of your deposit, it’s within his/her/their rights to sue you for the difference. Owning up to the damage and paying for it immediately is the best way to avoid major headaches — not to mention a “black mark” on your renter’s record.

Some reckless renters who know they’ve caused considerable damage to their homes and know that the dollar amount will exceed their deposits have elected to hit the road suddenly and without warning.

While some tenants may have gotten away with it, many haven’t. And the consequences of such actions — including the real possibility of a lawsuit filed from PPM to gain compensation of the rent they lost when you fled, plus compensation for damages, is far more expensive than accepting responsibility for the damage you caused.

Accidents and even occasional bouts of stupidity happen. Owning up to these incidents will pave a smooth path to your next home. Believe it or not, PPM does call on a prospective tenant’s former management company/landlord. Moving is hassle enough.

In the renters’ world, those tried-and-true rules you learned as a kid apply: Clean up after yourself, take responsibility for your actions, and you’ll be well-received. Mom always did know best, didn’t she?



Protect Yourself With Renters Insurance

As a renter, it’s important for you to realize that PPM Realty has insurance that covers our buildings, but not your personal property. You need Renters’ Insurance to protect your furniture, clothing, electronics, and anything else in your apartment from loss or damage due to fire, water damage, or theft. Accidents can happen, and we want you to be protected!

Renters’ Insurance is not expensive. For a very reasonable premium, you can

  • Insure your personal property.
  • Protect yourself against personal liability.
  • Obtain assistance if your residence is damaged.

We’ve partnered with Exchange Underwriters Insurance Group to make it easy for you to get Renters’ Insurance.  Just let them know you are part of PPM family


Accidents can happen. Protect yourself and your property with Renters’ Insurance.


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Q: I have questions regarding my lease, making payments or renewals?

You can contact the main office at 412-343-6206 extension 201 or accountservices@ppmrealty.com.

Q: Am I allowed to get a Pet?

If you lease agreement says “No Pets” then you probably are not allowed.  You can call the office to confirm, but always check before bringing any animals home (this includes dogs, cats, caged animals)

Q: I need to contact my utility





Q: There is a possibility that I need to break my lease.

A: According to the lease agreement, Page 3 under “Cancellation”:

A 40-day written notice prior to the intended termination date.

A termination fee equal to three months GROSS rent.

Paying a re-rent fee equal to one months GROSS rent.

That is almost 6 months rent up front so before you think about cancelling your lease, be sure to carefully consider all your options.

Q: I have noisy neighbors - what should I do?

Call the police!  You can always contact us in the office, but if there is a true noise disturbance it is always better to let the police handle the situation and document the incident.

Q: What is there to do in my new neighborhood?


Mt. Washington: http://www.city.pittsburgh.pa.us/district2/html/mount_washington.html

Mt. Lebanon: http://mtlebanon.org/

Southside: http://www.southsidepgh.com/

Q: How do I get my parking permit?

A: Pittsburgh Parking Authority 232 Boulevard of the Allies Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412-560-2500

Dormont Borough 1444 Hillsdale Avenue Dormont, PA 15216 412-561-8900

Mt. Lebanon Borough 710 Washington Road Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228 412-343-3705

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