Most real estate agents are still using the same old marketing techniques they used in the 90’s and expect the same results. The fact is, the Real Estate Industry has changed… dramatically. Today’s Buyer has access to more home information than ever before and your home’s first showing is typically from the comfort of the buyers home or work from their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

92% of Homebuyers use the internet in their home buying search...

How your home appears online is the single most important factor in getting buyer activity today, and in many cases actually works against you.

As the “Facebook Era” continues to grow and evolve, the marketing approach used to sell your home should too. What worked 6 months ago, doesn’t necessarily work today and probably won’t work this time next year. Traditional real estate agents simply haven’t evolved their marketing to match the buyers looking for their new homes.

PPM uses one of the most comprehensive internet based marketing programs available in the market today, and consistently updating these strategies…

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