Q: I have questions regarding my lease, making payments or renewals?

You can contact the main office at 412-343-6204 or accountservices@ppmrealty.com

Q: Am I allowed to get a Pet?

If your lease agreement says “No Pets” then you are not allowed. You can call the office to confirm, but always check before bringing any animals home (this includes dogs, cats, caged animals)

Q: I need to contact my utility?



Duquesne Light (888) 393-7100

West Penn Power (800) 686-0021


Columbia Gas (888) 460-4332

Peoples Natural Gas (800) 764-0111


Comcast Cable (800) 266-2278

Verizon (800) 837-4966

Q: There is a possibility that I need to break my lease?

According to the lease agreement, the following is required:

A 40-day written notice prior to the intended termination date.

A termination fee equal to three months GROSS rent.

Paying a re-rent fee equal to one months GROSS rent.

That is almost 6 months rent up front so before you think about cancelling your lease, be sure to carefully consider all your options.

Q: I have noisy neighbors - what should I do?

Call the police! You can always contact us in the office, but if there is a true noise disturbance it is always better to let the police handle the situation and document the incident.

Q: What is there to do in my new neighborhood?

Q: How do I get my parking permit?

Pittsburgh Parking Authority:  232 Boulevard of the Allies Pittsburgh, PA 15222 412-560-2500

Dormont Borough:  1444 Hillsdale Avenue Dormont, PA 15216 412-561-8900

Mt. Lebanon Borough 710 Washington Road Mt. Lebanon, PA 15228 412-343-3705

Q: I'm moving out now what?

Fill out the Intent to Vacate Form

Follow the Move Out Checklist to make your move a smooth transition.