When renting from PPM you are required to have renters insurance. The good news is, we have partnered with ePremium Insurance to help make renters insurance quick and easy for our tenants!

Through their renters insurance policy you will not only get the liability coverage that you are required to have, you will also get insurance to cover your personal belongings as well. ePremium Insurance is approximately $14/$20 per month depending on your occupancy and personal property coverage. Their enrollment is nice and easy and only takes a few minutes.

You can purchase your renters insurance through any third party insurance company, but ePremium partners with us to make it easier for you. No credit checks, enhanced coverage and they provide a preferred group rate for our residents! You can click on this link below or access it through our website:

· Enter your zip code

· Select PPM as your community (i.e. PPM 15211)