Moving Out Checklist

We hope you have enjoyed your time with PPM Realty. Normal wear and tear will be taken into consideration when inspecting your apartment; however, we expect the apartment to be left in good/clean condition. Below is a Move-Out Checklist to help to maximize the refund of your security deposit, please make sure that these items are addressed prior to your move-out.

1. Please send us a self-addressed stamped envelope so that we have your forwarding address as soon as possible so that there will be no delay with the return of your security deposit. Please allow 30 days from your lease expiration for processing of paperwork and return of deposit.

2. Please leave your unit, building, mailbox keys, remotes and parking permits on the kitchen counter for maintenance to pick up. A $80.00 charge will be levied if the apartment keys and parking permits are not accounted for by the lease ending date.

3. Please remember that your lease expires at 11:00 am on the second to last day of the month. Also, be sure to stop your rental payments if you have set it up as a recurring payment.

4. Be sure to notify the applicable utility companies of your lease expiration date. If you are currently paying for sewage, you must provide proof of final payment or you will be charged a flat fee of $150.

     1-888-460-4332 – Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania

     1-800-837-4966 – Verizon

     1-800-764-0111 – Peoples Natural Gas

     1-800-266-2278 – Comcast

     1-412-393-7100 – Duquesne Light

     1-412-255-2423 – Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority

     1-800-686-0021 – West Penn Power

     1-800-565-7292 – Pennsylvania American Water

5. Carpets must be professionally steam-cleaned with a truck mounted system and free of spots. We recommend Kemper Carpet Care. Let them know that you rent from us in order to receive a discount; their phone number is (412) 835-2202. Receipt from professional carpet cleaning company must be furnished to Management by the lease ending date. Carpet must be the last item cleaned prior to vacating the unit. Do not enter the unit after the carpet has been cleaned. In addition to the cost of the cleaning, an additional $50 administrative fee will be levied if carpets are not cleaned and PPM must schedule and/or pay for the service.

6. Stove, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, exhaust fan, windows, blinds, air conditioner, light fixtures, doors, radiators, baseboards, and bathrooms must be thoroughly cleaned. DO NOT turn refrigerator off, simply turn to lowest setting after defrosting and cleaning.

7. Tile or hardwood floors must be cleaned and waxed. If hardwood floors are newer, you must use Bruce Hardwood Dura-Luster Cleaner, which can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowe’s.

8. Before leaving your keys, please make sure the thermostat is set to Auto and set at 60ºF during the winter and 78ºF during summer. Close all blinds and turn off all of the lights.

9. Lock patio/balcony door, back door and all windows.

10. Exterior of premises must be clean and free of debris. Lawn must be mowed and/or sidewalks free of snow and ice, if applicable to your lease. 

11. Additional charges may be incurred due to damage from nicotine or cooking odors. (Ex. Smell, discoloration of blinds, walls, ceilings, or cabinets.) 

Any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be charged according to Management discretion.

You do not need to be there when the inspection is performed. If you would like to be present, please notify maintenance, within a reasonable time to schedule an appointment.

Listed below are the specific charges for items most commonly identified during the inspection. Any items damaged or not cleaned will be billed to you at the costs below. **PLEASE NOTE: these prices are subject to change due to severity of damage and are per item.*


$45 – Oven

$20 – Range top

$25 – Microwave (if applicable)

$45 – Refrigerator

$25 – Vinyl, tile, hardwood flooring each area

$15 – Cabinets each

$10 – Light fixtures each/ceiling fan each

$15 – Dishwasher

$40 – Tub/shower each

$40 – Toilet, kitchen/bath sinks each

$10 – Counters

$10 – Blinds each

$10 – Vanity each

$10 – Patio window/door or windows each

$20 – Patio/Porches each

$20 – Balcony/Patio

$20 – Trash collected/ each bag

$15 – Vacuum rugs each

$75 – Carpet stained per sq. ft.

$50 – Furniture/bulk item removal each

$75 – Storage of items left per day

$85 – Check Cancellation/Replacement Check Fee

**Failure to Vacate Unit by Lease Expiration: Charge equal to Two Months Rent**


$50 – Oven or refrigerator racks each

$80 – Door locks (no keys returned) each

$60 – Mailbox (no keys returned)

$10 – Drip pans each

$40 – Shower bar

$12 – Light globes/bulbs each

$25 – Crisper tray each

$40 – Window blinds/screens each

$15 – Outlets, plugs, switches, cover plates each

$25 – Towel bars each

$25 – Smoke detectors each

$10 – Smoke detector batteries

$75 – Kitchen cloud light

$50 – Dining Room light

$45 – Picture hanging holes in walls

$50 – Drywall repair per sq. ft.

$75 – Hardwood floor scratches per sq. ft.

$165 – Ceiling fans each

$150 – Counter top refinish

$110 – Interior doors each

$225 – Entry door

$200 – Illegal satellite dish removal each

$200 – Electronics Removal/Disposal per item

**Move Out Tip** some of the most frequent charges for move-outs include cleaning the top and inside of the refrigerator and oven, burnt out light bulbs, broken blinds and smoke detector batteries.

If your carpets are not professionally steam cleaned with a truck-mounted system and we need to either have them cleaned or re-cleaned you will be responsible for the entire invoice (without discount) in addition to the administrative fee.

If you need touch up paint for any holes or marks on the walls of your apartment we offer a PPM Paint Kit. This kit contains a scraper, spackle, container of paint, and a paint kit with tray, brush, roller and gloves. Use this kit to touch up holes and paint on walls throughout your apartment to help maximize the refund of your deposit. The kit is $5 and can be purchased at our office – appointment required, CASH only.